A Tale of Two Cities

By Charles Dickens

Why this book?

Honestly, i'm not a book reader. When this project has been introduced, i referred so many novels and the main reason for picking up "A tale of 2 cities" is because of the phrase starting with "It was best of the times......" which can have chance of adding more beauty to the content and the overall layout, from then i started reading the story and its been a good experience to know about this powerful historical novel.


The main aim of this layout is to present content in a coherent way to achieve a smooth flow of eye movement for maximum effectiveness. As users always starts reading from left to right, i marked my title on top-left corner and arranged subparts on right to know the exact flow of content which users are going to read.

Color Scheme

As this is a historical novel, i just thought of going with few classic colors for my website without making it more colorful. Then i came up with a amethyst smoke color which is combination of red+green+blue for header to look classy and a light shade of magenta for headings and subheadings. When i checked the color contrast,black is perfectly suited upon these 2 colors. So, the reason i built my complete website using these 3 colors.


After trying with multiple fonts, finally I have come up with "Alegreya SC" family for title, "philosopher" for headings and "Sahitya" for text along with fallback google safe fonts to make it smooth and natural for users to read.