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Dish Washer

The design and fabrication of the dishwasher machine has been done in to minimize the washing time and wash the dishes more effectively. There is a need of commercial dishwashers in the big hotel chains, for the purpose of cleaning dishes efficiently and cheaply.

All the models of commercial dishwashers today rely completely on water cycles for the purpose of cleaning dishes. The water usage is very high in them. The solution to these problems by the use of brushing mechanism, which would allow the brushing bristles to come in contact with dishes for cleaning rather than relying completely on water, which would provide a hand like clean. This would reduce the excessive use of water and provide more satisfactory clean with an experience of traditional hand cleaning. The plates would be sprayed with soap water and mounted on a conveyor belt which would guide them through the brushing mechanism where they will come in contact with the brush bristles to get a thorough clean and lastly a spray of water on them for the final rinse.

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